Report about Journalism in Europe

Below is the chapter index of the VVOJ report: Investigative Journalism in Europe. Dick van Eijk (ed.) VVOJ, Amsterdam, 2005. ISBN 90-808046-6-5. For the full report in pdf click this link.

Investigative Journalism in Europe (2005)

Part 1



Part 2: Country Reports

Austria by Bram Vermeer

Belgium by Mark Eeckhaut and Dick van Eijk

Bulgaria by Guido Muelenaer

Denmark by Dick van Eijk

Finland by Dick van Eijk

France by Pieter van den Blink and Marijn Kruk

Germany by Bram Vermeer

Ireland by Arjan Dasselaar

Italy by Cecile Landman

Netherlands by Dick van Eijk

Norway by Dick van Eijk

Poland by Johan de Boose

Portugal by Robert Sikkes

Russia by Hella Rottenberg

Spain by Henk van den Boom

Sweden by Dick van Eijk

Switzerland by Bram Vermeer

Turkey by Mehmet Ülger

Ukraine by Hella Rottenberg

United Kingdom by Arjan Dasselaar

Part 3


Part 4

Example Projects


Appendix 1: Respondents

Appendix 2: About the Authors